How Kegel Exercises For Women Help You Tighten A Loose Vagina

kegel exercises for women

Kegel exercises are a non surgical treatment done to relax and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the urethra, bladder and uterus.

Kegel exercise help women, especially during pregnancy and after they have given birth to reduce urinary stress incontinence and the risk of anal incontinence. They are also a natural and proven way to tighten a loose vagina and increase vaginal elasticity. 

Kegel exercises for women are often prescribed for individuals who leak urine when they laugh, run, sneeze or bend to lift something heavy, as well as women who cannot hold urine for long so as to reach the toilet and mothers who have just given birth or are still pregnant.

All of these can cause a great deal of embarrassment and many women won’t even look for a solution as that can cause even further embarrassment. If you are suffering with any of these issues it is important to remember that it is perfectly normal and you have the power to do something about it.

The most crucial and first step to start doing Kegel exercises is to learn how to find the muscle that helps you stop urinating. This is the muscle that, when exercised over time, will help you make your vagina tighter.

The following steps will help you know how to do Kegel exercises for women:

Start by finding your pelvic muscles:

To find your pelvic muscles start with an empty bladder and imagine that you are stopping the pass of urine by squeezing the urine muscle.If you are not sure that you are doing it right try other ways like inserting a clean finger into your vagina and try doing the Kegel exercises again, if you feel the pressure inserted around your finger then you are doing it right ,also when having sex you could ask your partner if they can fill the pressure on their penis, if they do then you are on the right track.

After you are able to find your pelvic muscles,you are ready to try the exercise when urinating then stop your urine mid stream to see if you can still find the muscles then tighten them for 3-4 seconds and let go to resume the urinating process this will give you a go ahead if you have found the kegel muscles.

When lifting and squeezing your pelvic muscles ensure that your tummy and thigh muscles are not pulled or even tighten your legs,just work with your pelvic floor muscles.

Squeeze the pelvic muscles for 3 seconds

When starting kegel exercise do not strain so much for too long just try doing them for a few seconds like seconds then relax for 10 seconds before repeating the exercise this gives them enough time to relax and avoid straining.

Repeat the exercise 10-15 times a day

It is important to do 3 sets a day whereby a set is done 10-15 times.If you started by holding the muscles for 3 seconds keep doing it for 10 seconds and keep repeating the exercise until you are complete the set.

Add 1 second every week until you are able to do kegel exercise for 10 seconds

As you progress in your exercise,try adding an extra second every week until you reach 10 seconds this will help you know if you are improving in exercising your pelvic muscles.if you are able to do kegels stick to them

Do kegel exercises on a daily basis

The most important issue on how to do kegel exercise for women is how committed one is in doing them.

For one to yield best results the kegel exercise should be done on a daily basis,for them to stick make them part of your daily routine by fitting them for example in the mornings,afternoon and in the evenings this will be an easy way to fit them with your daily schedule without affecting your daily work schedule.

You can also use kegel balls for extra help!

Did you know doing repeated kegel exercise when urinating can hurt your bladder?

Yes it does,this is because the frequent exercise when urinating strains the pelvic muscles which may result to health problems and more damage to the muscles which may affect your vagina it is advisable to avoid doing kegel exercise during urination.

It is advisable to ask help from your doctor on how to do kegel exercise for women before you are able to do them properly.your doctor can monitor your exercise by fitting a biofeedback device in your vagina that lets you feel,see and hear when you are doing the exercise correctly.