Does V-tight Gel Actually Work?

does v-tight gel work?

How Do I Know V-Tight Gel Will Actually Work?

Motherhood is a unique moment in the life of every woman. While the fact of giving birth naturally is a wonderful experience that will change your life forever, childbirth can cause an unwanted side effect, which is the loss of tone in the vaginal walls because the muscles and tissues stretch to allow the baby out.

The loss of firmness in the vaginal area may also be due to having had several children, to a drop in estrogen levels, a medication that causes dryness in the vagina or hormonal changes. This can have a negative impact on your sex life, which affects psychologically and in the relationship with your partner.

You are not the only one.

Vaginal firmness loss affects many women in the world, especially after 35 years. This, coupled with the dryness can make intercourse uncomfortable or painful, which will have a major impact on the libido and the ability to achieve an orgasm.

It can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about. Your partner may feel anxiety about their ability to please you. Meanwhile, you may be hesitant to talk to your friends for risk of the stigma that seems to be placed on women who suffer this issue due to misinformation. Overall it can be the cause of a lot of stress on both you and your partner.

What is the solution?

To solve the problem there are several possible solutions, such as a vaginal rejuvenation through surgery, exercise or medication. However, if you want a natural method, you can opt for the V-Tight gel. This product is distributed by Dermology and, depending on the manufacturer and the views of many users, you can enjoy a more pleasurable sexual life without pain.

How does V-Tight gel work?

This gel is a topical product, which means to be applied directly on the walls of the vagina which, combined with Kegel exercises helps to strengthen the area and improve the quality of sex. It is a natural product that is made with ingredients derived from plants and substances that develop in nature. That is why it can be used safely in this delicate area of the body.

What are its ingredients?

The main active ingredients used in V-tight Gel are: manjakani extract, witch hazel leaf extract, water, arginine, citric acid and sodium PCA. Its main active ingredient, Manjakani extract has been used for centuries by women in cultures of Eastern Europe as a remedy to tighten the vaginal walls. It contains tannins, small amounts of gallic acid and ellagic acid. These have anti-microbial properties and have been used for a long time in Malaysia, for women to restore the elasticity of the uterine wall after childbirth. For its part, the hazel is well known for its ability to heal wounds and sores and much applied in the cosmetics industry.

So Does V-Tight gel work?

This gel has been used by many women in the world who have reported on the many benefits of the product. Some have perceived the effects immediately, while others had to wait two to four weeks before you notice any change. These women have indicated that the V-Tight gel works because it is a natural product, which not only increases the firmness of the vaginal walls but increases lubrication, reduces irritability caused by dryness and pain during sexual intercourse, avoid the occurrence of harmful bacteria in the area and improves the ability to achieve orgasm. No side effects due to use of this gel, unless you have an allergic to any ingredient known reaction. If this is the case you should not applying it.


Because no negative side effects are known since many women have benefited greatly with the product, before resorting to more invasive and painful procedures, you should try it.

Did you know?

You can Kegel exercises while you’re sitting at the computer. You simply squeeze the muscles of the vagina for about four seconds and then released. Repeat the process about 10 or 15 times and after a few weeks, along with the use of V-Tight gel, notice an improvement in your sex life.

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