How Can I Tighten My Vagina Naturally?

tighten your loose vagina

While these might seem like embarrassing questions, it’s actually a common issue among women.

Sex isn’t the always most important thing in a relationship, but being sexually satisfied definitely plays an important role. It’s highly likely that you’ll be feeling quite stressed if you are feeling loose or stretched down below. It’s common to feel some pressure to look, feel or act in a certain way for your partner.

You want to please your partner and get more pleasure out of sex. While it may be hard to talk about, this is really important!

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Why Does Having A Tighter Vag Matter?

why-does-it-matterIf you’re asking questions about how to tighten your vagina, then you know that feeling loose can have a damaging effect on a women’s self confidence and can create feelings of insecurity about keeping her partner satisfied, and especially keeping herself satisfied.

After giving birth to my first baby, I felt far from confident, secure or sexy about my sexual performance. To be completely honest, I felt like I just had a flappy vag!

I needed to find a way to how to make my vag firmer in a natural way and was willing to give just about anything a go – but wasn’t really interested in vaginoplasty. I started this site after trying to search for natural remedies such as trying to tighten vaginal walls with vinegar, and looking for natural tightening creams.

I researched for hours, tried a variety of kegal exercises, products and herbs – finding what was somewhat successful and what didn’t make any difference at all. Even though this is a bit of an embarrassing topic, I wanted to share my real-life experience with women who felt like I did.

Women who are asking about how to tighten your vagina are really looking for ways to bring back that sexy feeling.

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Causes Of A Loose Vagina

Even though it’s a common misconception, I’m here to tell you that being loose is not the result of “too much” sex. There are number of causes, including menopause, aging and childbirth.

If you’ve been looking for ways on how to tighten your vagina, then you’ve probably heard of kegel exercises, for women , natural treatments, tightening creams, diet plans and exercise programs all designed to firm up your ladybits.

How Can I Make My Vagina Tighter Naturally?

You might think you’re the only one asking this question about how to tighten your vagina, but you’re not. Having a loose vag is a very common problem in women after childbirth, or going through hormonal changes. There is no need to be embarrassed about it, even though it might be an uncomfortable subject.

Since you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that you’re experiencing concerns regarding a floppy or flappy vag or, maybe you’re a man who’s simply trying to help out a worried lady friend who was interested in vaginoplasty. If you’ve ever been uncomfortable and shy because you think you have lost your elasticity– I’m sure that you’re searching for something that works efficiently and effectively.

I’ve tried all types of tightening options, from tightening creams to herbal treatments to kegal exercises. I’m here to tell you what works for me and what doesn’t.

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Here’s what I found worked best for how to go about natural vaginal tightening – from least effective to most effective.

#3 – Using natural herbal treatments for vaginal tightening

A number of herbs can be used for viginal tightening. Curcuma Comosa has been found to decrease looseness by protecting against prolapse of the vaginal wall. It has also been found to alleviate hot flashes, menstrual cramps and dryness.

Pueraria Mirifica also helps by promoting regeneration of genital tissue. It even restores levels of estrogen to offset hormonal imbalances. As a bonus, Pueraria Mirifica also protects women from uterus cancer.

Floppy or flappy vaginas can also be corrected through the use of natural douches, which help return strength and elasticity.

Natural douches can be made with a variety of natural ingredients, including:
• Distilled water and vinegar
• Lime juice (diluted), pickled spices and alum powder
• Boiled gooseberry

I’ve tried a variety of these herbal combinations and they did leave me feeling healthier and cleaner, but I didn’t notice much change in tightness. I enjoy the health benefits of natural products, but, to be honest herbal solutions didn’t have any impact on my looseness. If you’re looking for tips on how to tighten your vagina naturally, herbal remedies are good place to start, but they’re certainly not the quickest or most long lasting way to get a tighter vagina – although they do help women avoid the risks associated with vaginoplasty surgery.

#2 – Vaginal tightening Kegel exercises for women

There are all kinds of physical products and programs women can use to avoid vaginoplasty and tighten the inner walls of their vaginal area, which is what causes a lot of the stretched-out feeling. Some of these include using ben wa balls, jade eggs, or other tools specially designed for this purpose. One of the most popular physical exercises includes performing kegle exercises.

Of course, if you’ve never tried these then you’re probably asking – What are kegel excercises and can you tighten your flappy vag using them?

Kegel exercises are an extremely popular method of natural tightening These exercises firm you up over time and are performed by squeezing your pelvic muscles. Picture stopping yourself from urinating mid-flow – those are the muscles that you want to activate. Give it a try the net time you’re in the bathroom. .

Once you learn how to do kegel exercises and have the method down, you are meant to continuously repeat the kegel exercises several times throughout the day. No one will know you are doing them, which is a great benefit. They can actually be done anytime anywhere, once you know how to perform these exercises properly.


Do kegels work ?

I found that, when done consistently, they actually do the trick!

However, you have to practice consistency and continue to do it (which is not a big deal because no one will know) and after time you’ll feel tighter and have stronger pelvic muscles. You will feel, naturally, tighter.

Even though I enjoyed the results of kegel exercises, I wanted to try other methods that would work even faster and have longer lasting results. Hence, the reason why kegal exercises is my second choice for natural methods that actually work instead of the first.

#1 – V-tight gel and vaginal tightening program

V-tight gel is a vaginal tightening cream that is meant to correct looseness and a flappy vagina (excuse my French). It claims to work on its own, but also claims to work even faster when used in combination with the v-tight exercise program.

The manufacturers of v-tight gel say that it works in a matter of minutes after applying the viginal tightening cream. They even say that you can engage in intercourse just a few minutes after applying the cream.

V-tight gel contains Manjakani extract and a number of other natural ingredients to tighten a flappy vigina without vaginoplasty, which Asian women have used for centuries. There were some things about v tight gel that I really liked and some things that I didn’t like as much.



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Learn more about vaginal tightening without vaginoplasty here.

Don’t Fret About A Loose Vagina

You may have been browsing online when you came across something that said, “loose vagina.” As many women do, you may have analyzed the idea of a loose vagina and wonder if you have one. The fear may make you feel ashamed, question if you’re at fault, and why or how this happened.

As women, we have to deal with a lot of things in society, what is expected of us, how we should look, or even feel. Being told that our loose vagina is an issue could be tough to realize.

Before you lose your marbles, find out if you really do have a loose vagina. Also, even if you do, know that there is something that you can do to tighten it and enjoy sex again. You can understand if you may suffer with this if you have the following symptoms:

  • Do you feel some extra space down there? Explore a little and see if you can fit more than a few fingers in your vagina. If it feels a bit spacious, it may very well be. It’s okay though, you’ll discover later on that it’s not as horrible as it seems.

  • Do you find yourself leaking at times? Do you feel yourself peeing just a wee bit while doing something like bouncing on a trampoline? Or running? You may have urine leakage, which could be because of loosened muscles. Again, relax, there are solutions and tips on how to tighten your vagina.

  • Is sex just not what it used to be? You may have been the kind of woman who can orgasm through intercourse for years. Recently, it seems like it just isn’t working out. This could be cause for friction with your partner or may have you asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”

    It could be that the lack of friction is causing sex to be lack-luster and perhaps tightening your vagina could help you to “feel it” again.

  • Has menopause knocked at your door? If you are going through menopause or have gone through it, there is a chance that your vaginal walls have loosened. With age, several things happen in your body and less collagen and estrogen may be a factor.

From the way that your face changes to the hot flashes and the emotions you’re dealing with, vaginal looseness is just another thing being thrown your way through this time. This could be rough to realize, especially because you can’t stop the body’s natural course, but you can find a solution.

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Is It My Fault?

First of all, feeling as if this condition is your fault is not the way to go. It isn’t. Having had a lot of sexual partners is not why your vagina is loose. That isn’t how it works. Nor is it because your partner may be a bit large. There are other factors to why you may be experiencing a looser vagina than before, and it usually has to do with other factors, such as:

  • Congrats! You had a baby. You may be the mother of a child or two. You love them with all your heart, but they sure did do a number on your lady parts during childbirth. Whether you tore during the delivery or your vaginal muscles didn’t heal right, you may be struggling with vaginal looseness right now. But, is this your fault? Are your offspring something to be ashamed of? So, no, it’s not your fault.

  • You’re aging. You’re still alive. You’re going through a natural process. Sure, no one likes wrinkles, graying hair, or loose vaginas. But, aging simply means that you’re living and where there is life, there is hope. Just because you have reached a good number of years of living, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep on loving life. It isn’t your fault that your body has changed, but you can help it out.

A very common misconception is that women who have loose vaginas must be loose. Throw that myth out the door and don’t give it another thought. Women have to deal with enough without being told that if they have a loose vagina, they must be loose women. Don’t pay attention to it.

OMG! Does He Notice?

For some people, the change in their vagina may not be very evident. Your partner may not even notice that you aren’t as tight as before. If he does, maybe he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. If you want to work it out with him, in order to have a healthy sex life, talk it over with him.

Perhaps you’re single and your steady sex partner has perhaps mentioned something to you. You may, at first, feel a bit embarrassed. But, before you freak out, why don’t you consider whether or not, he is the opposite of well-endowed. This may affect what he’s feeling and what you’re (not) feeling.

Also, if a partner that you’ve been with mentions that you may have been tighter before, consider if they are talking about a time when didn’t do a good job arousing you. When you’re not feeling aroused, your vagina may seem tighter to him.

Whatever you do, don’t dismay. Where there is a will, there is a way, and with vaginal tightening, there is definitely a way.

Is My Sex Life Over?

No! There is definitely good news for you. It’s not over. Vaginal tightening gel is a solution that many people use to get their vagina back to the way that it once was. You can go back to feeling pleasure in sex again, as can your partner.

With the advancement in the medical field, as well as in health products, there are many different options for women who want to get their vagina tight once again. The only reason why it would be over is if you decide that you don’t want to go through the trouble of using gels, going through treatment, or doing exercises.

Is Vaginal Tightening Gel For Me?

truth about vaginal tighteningIs it for you? It very well could be. A lot of people appreciate using products that they can use at home, without having to worry about pricey doctor visits. The following may be some reasons that you could want to try vaginal tightening gel:

  • Are you feeling a bit loose after childbirth? You may not have torn or have stretched so much, but you may be feeling slightly looser than before. Using this kind of gel can help you to get back to the way that you used to be, without having to resort to more time-consuming remedies.

  • Do you feel that your sex life is important? If you and your partner used to have a very active sex life and have found that after the baby, it’s just not the same, consider the gel. It can help you to feel more confident and also help the both of you to enjoy sex more. Enjoying your sex life and having orgasms again will help you in more ways than one.

  • You can feel confident again. A lot of times when women have babies, they may struggle with themselves. From the exterior changes in the body to the interior ones, it can be tough to start feeling like you again. Feeling confident in your sexuality is just a part of feeling confident as a woman, so if you feel that fixing this small issue will help, you should definitely go for it.

  • Did childbirth cause any issues? Other than the fact that you may feel loose, do you have any conditions from having a child? For example, if you have stress incontinence or a prolapsed bladder, you may need more invasive help to remedy your problem. While the gel is good for some problems, it won’t be the solution for all of them.

  • What budget are you working with? Some women go directly to laser tightening or surgery as it typically promises results. But, something that you want to consider is what you want to or need to spend on this. If you have other big bills or kids to take care of, you may need to go the more affordable route, which is usually home products like the V-tight Gel.

You should consider if you can commit to using the vaginal tightening product daily. It does take a commitment for you to see results, so if you are good at your “beauty” routines, then this may be a great solution for your issue.

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Are There Alternatives?

Of course, you want to make sure that you are choosing the best solution for you. There are alternatives. What works for one person may not work for others.

Choosing how to fix your vagina is a personal decision and one that you have to be sure about. To help you consider what path is the best for you, think about the following alternatives and their pros and cons:

  • Surgery: Surgery is necessary for some people, especially after childbirth. If you have found that after having a baby, you have major urine leakage or other embarrassing episodes, it may be the only solution for you. You’ll want to take to your doctor about how to get a tighter vagina. They may suggest other alternatives, or they could tell you surgery is the only way to fix it.

    Most people want to avoid surgery, as it is more invasive and does require a period of recovery, but in some people’s cases, it’s the only way to fix a loose vagina.

  • Laser treatment: Laser vaginal tightening is relatively dependable and has been known to be successful. It’s less invasive than surgery, but one should consider that it does take more than one visit for it to womork and a touch up after about a year or so. It’s also much pricier than other options. If you have the patience and the cash for it, it could help you to get a tight vagina once again.

  • Creams and topical products: There are a number of gels and creams on the market. They could be good alternatives to the V-tight Gel, but you want to be careful. Avoid options that contain chemicals or anything that won’t be good for your body. After all, whatever you are putting there should be safe. The vagina is an important part of the body and one that you want to treat with caution.

  • Kegel exercises: Kegel exercises are helpful for women with slightly weakened vaginal muscles. It’s also the free solution and something that you can do at home. The only thing is that it may not work for everyone and it also requires you to be very faithful with your exercises. Also, if you happen to be pregnant and want to avoid tearing during delivery, Kegel exercises are a great option, as well and could help to prevent you from having to even invest in a tightening gel.

To determine what could be the best solution for you and your needs, you may want to visit your medical provider. If you haven’t had a child and suspect that you’re a bit loose, this could be something that you take care of on your own with a home product or exercises.


As you ponder whether or not vaginal tightening gel is for you or whether you need another solution, don’t be discouraged. It’s really not as bad as it seems, nor as impossible to fix as you may at first think. Take some time to consider which option is best for you.

If you choose a gel like V-tight gel, you can know that it’s a safe way to take care of something that most people turn to surgery for. With no side effects and natural ingredients, a natural tightening gel can help you to get back on track in your sex life, with no pain.

Remember, a loose vagina is nothing to be ashamed about. So, instead of fretting, start applying and you’ll soon see how much your life will be. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!