My personal v-tight gel reviews: Jess Sartore

By Guest Blogger Jess Sartore

My personal v-tight gel reviews: Jess Sartore

Please excuse my English – it’s my second language. 🙂
I want to share my experience with V-tight gel t help other women like me. 🙂

Do not ever think of buying the V-tight gel before reading my opinions and know my personal experience.

If your health and confidence are affected by the problems associated with a flaccid vagina, probably you have already searched for information on a lot of methods and products for vaginal rejuvenation.
In my case, I wanted the security of a natural method to help rejuvenate my vagina quickly and with lasting results.

At first I was intimidated as there are a lot of contrasting opinions both on the internet and among my friends. Even some of my closest friends had very old fashioned ideas about the kind of woman that would need something like this, but the more I looked, the more I realized that it is perfectly natural.

To find it, I researched on the subject and read a bunch of reviews for V-tight gel before deciding to try the product. So, we’re getting to the heart of the matter. The important question is: V-tight work?

I want to tell you my personal experience with V-tight and therefore give you know what I like and what I dislike

So does V-tight Really Work? – My experience

After living the wonderful experience of giving birth to my first child, I experienced what happens to many women after childbirth, the vaginal stretching.

I did not feel sexy, nor felt comfortable when enjoying the intimacy of the bedroom with my husband. Of course, he said nothing, but I wanted to feel different to make the two could enjoy more of our bodies.

After spending months and months doing Google searches like: “How I can rejuvenate my vagina naturally? “Or” Why is my vagina so wide? “I needed to find a solution.

I tried a lot of vaginal rejuvenation treatments that worked to some extent.

I was tired of being ashamed because of my flabby vagina.

After reading several reviews on tight V-gel, I decided to try it for myself and see if it really worked.

So, here I will report my real experience with V-tight and my opinion about the cream after finishing a tube product.

What I like?

I enjoyed the free trial offer and commitment of refund. This is what, at first, motivated me to try the product without fear to be wasting money if it did not work.

The money back guarantee is a great advantage when it comes to trying new things, so there is nothing to lose. If you do not stay satisfied your money back and nothing has happened here.

But what I really liked, and much, is that soon after applying the product began to notice its effect. In a few minutes I started to feel like my vagina contracted and, curiously, I was also excited. Fortunately, the product indicates that you can have sex a few minutes of applying the cream relations.

When he wanted to have sex, only he had to use the cream a few minutes before. So I knew that, eventually, I feel sexy and rejuvenated inside.

Another thing I liked is that additional possibilities with the product as Kegel exercise program of V-tight and tips for healthy life choices.

They also offer discounts and free tubes if a pack of the product is purchased.

What I did not like?

One of the things I liked least is that the product is only sold online. But the fact is that since it was embarrassed by the issue of my flaccid vagina, understand that most women seek to buy such products privately.

I know big sellers such as Amazon sometimes indicate the contents of the package in the box and that sometimes can be a bit embarrassing.

Fortunately, when I applied the tight V-gel directly from the manufacturer, he came home in a discreet box standard type.

Another thing that sometimes I do not like is that after having sex, I’m not as toned as ever. After a few hours I start to feel a slight vaginal widening. But then I discovered that the reapply the gel V-tight all works again as the first time, and if the exercise program follows a long-term outcome is achieved.

Conclusions – tight V-gel work?

In my opinion, it is better if you can avoid going through vaginal surgery, vaginoplasty. I was looking for a natural remedy that did not involve surgery and V-tight exceeded all my expectations. The money-back commitment was what gave me the initial push to dare to try.

Thanks to that decision, I felt like my vagina rejuvenated while my sex became more enjoyable. Even my partner told me that the closer I noticed since I started using the cream (which sounded weird but it made me feel good).

My recommendation is to give it a chance, if you do not like you can just ask for the money back and ready.

Another recommendation that I make is to buy V-tight directly from the manufacturer. Then I explained the reason for my advice.

Find the best place to buy V-gel tight online by clicking here

how to tighten your vag

Vaginal tightening with the V-Tight Gel option:  by Jess Sartore

Note: Please excuse my English as it is my second language. 🙂
If you’d like to read this article in Spanish (my native language) then please click here

V-tight Gel is a natural cream that works in tightening of the vagina.  It helps women, such as loss of elasticity due to childbirth, hormonal changes, or aging of the vagina to tighten and narrow again. Be closer than ever, the best part is, naturally, without surgery or drugs.

The active ingredient V-Gel is the Manjakani Tight extract, which has now been rediscovered after centuries women have used in Eastern cultures Manjakani to restore your vaginal tightness.

The advantages of this tightening cream at a glance:

Firm and tighten the vagina based on organic natural herbs help restore the elasticity of the vagina, permanently shrink and reshape the virginal walls.

Increase sexual intimacy and pleasure, help get rejuvenated and reach orgasms more often
Help eliminate the vaginal dryness and unpleasant odor, restore lubrication.

The verification of compliance with the FDA. All Natural, No side effect 100% secure.

One of the most common causes of over-stretching and sagging of the vagina are serious birth or many. Another cause is age.There are many factors that can lead to loosening of the vaginal wall.

You’re not sure if her vagina relaxes, too far, is not tight enough?

How do you know if you need to tighten your vagina?
– You can insert three fingers without much resistance in their vagina- need to achieve orgasm difficulties-You have trouble please his association Your self-esteem suffers isthe problem

The Tight-V program will help ensure that your vagina again returns to its original state. You can also drag the different feel when you’re having sex! Again.

More return orgasm during sex fun!

If you tighten and constrict her vaginal vaginal walls, your orgasms will be exponentially stronger, more intense and more satisfying. You not only have stronger orgasms, usually you have more zest for life!
If you’re one of the millions of women with a lackluster sex life, then narrowing and hardening of the walls of the vagina is a sure way to bring pleasure again to a new level.

Do not destroy your relationship because of bad sex.

Does v-tight gel work?

The cream with the extract Manjakani active ingredient is very effective.

These potent herbs make it possible to strengthen the muscles of the vaginal wall and the press, so that both muscle tone and elasticity are improved.

The formula Tight gel-V is really a powerful miracle herb and help you:

Restore vaginal tightness and tighten – Keep all body slim and tighten toned–abstraction also regulates the menstrual cycle Eliminates vaginal discharge, itching and Manjakani odors- extract has proven over centuries. Women who have just given birth to their natural strength and hardening won again.

And best of all, the extract Manjakani: – Will not irritate the skinUse is completely safe with condoms – Contains no harmful ingredients or additives

Let Manjakani work for you. Get your self-esteem back!

Tight Gel-V is now available in Spain and can be supplied without any problems on the official product page for Spain.

Get yours today!

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Does V-tight Gel Actually Work?

does v-tight gel work?

How Do I Know V-Tight Gel Will Actually Work?

Motherhood is a unique moment in the life of every woman. While the fact of giving birth naturally is a wonderful experience that will change your life forever, childbirth can cause an unwanted side effect, which is the loss of tone in the vaginal walls because the muscles and tissues stretch to allow the baby out.

The loss of firmness in the vaginal area may also be due to having had several children, to a drop in estrogen levels, a medication that causes dryness in the vagina or hormonal changes. This can have a negative impact on your sex life, which affects psychologically and in the relationship with your partner.

You are not the only one.

Vaginal firmness loss affects many women in the world, especially after 35 years. This, coupled with the dryness can make intercourse uncomfortable or painful, which will have a major impact on the libido and the ability to achieve an orgasm.

It can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about. Your partner may feel anxiety about their ability to please you. Meanwhile, you may be hesitant to talk to your friends for risk of the stigma that seems to be placed on women who suffer this issue due to misinformation. Overall it can be the cause of a lot of stress on both you and your partner.

What is the solution?

To solve the problem there are several possible solutions, such as a vaginal rejuvenation through surgery, exercise or medication. However, if you want a natural method, you can opt for the V-Tight gel. This product is distributed by Dermology and, depending on the manufacturer and the views of many users, you can enjoy a more pleasurable sexual life without pain.

How does V-Tight gel work?

This gel is a topical product, which means to be applied directly on the walls of the vagina which, combined with Kegel exercises helps to strengthen the area and improve the quality of sex. It is a natural product that is made with ingredients derived from plants and substances that develop in nature. That is why it can be used safely in this delicate area of the body.

What are its ingredients?

The main active ingredients used in V-tight Gel are: manjakani extract, witch hazel leaf extract, water, arginine, citric acid and sodium PCA. Its main active ingredient, Manjakani extract has been used for centuries by women in cultures of Eastern Europe as a remedy to tighten the vaginal walls. It contains tannins, small amounts of gallic acid and ellagic acid. These have anti-microbial properties and have been used for a long time in Malaysia, for women to restore the elasticity of the uterine wall after childbirth. For its part, the hazel is well known for its ability to heal wounds and sores and much applied in the cosmetics industry.

So Does V-Tight gel work?

This gel has been used by many women in the world who have reported on the many benefits of the product. Some have perceived the effects immediately, while others had to wait two to four weeks before you notice any change. These women have indicated that the V-Tight gel works because it is a natural product, which not only increases the firmness of the vaginal walls but increases lubrication, reduces irritability caused by dryness and pain during sexual intercourse, avoid the occurrence of harmful bacteria in the area and improves the ability to achieve orgasm. No side effects due to use of this gel, unless you have an allergic to any ingredient known reaction. If this is the case you should not applying it.


Because no negative side effects are known since many women have benefited greatly with the product, before resorting to more invasive and painful procedures, you should try it.

Did you know?

You can Kegel exercises while you’re sitting at the computer. You simply squeeze the muscles of the vagina for about four seconds and then released. Repeat the process about 10 or 15 times and after a few weeks, along with the use of V-Tight gel, notice an improvement in your sex life.

To learn more, click here:

The Side Effects Of Vaginal Tightening Cream

by guest blogger Karshi Makinla

Did you know, a vagina being loose is natural? It may become loose as a result of natural occurrences like child birth, too much sex or rough sex, age or just being out of shape.

There are numerous effects of having a loose vagina. One of the most common effects is that there may be less sensation during intercourse, thus less thrilling for you and your partner and this may in the long last lead to complications in a relationship as intercourse is important in a relationship.

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One should not stigmatize herself because of being loose. While society has made many women feel shame if this has happened to them, it is important to remember that it can happen to anyone and is perfectly natural. If it has happened to you, you should seek the solution that is right for you. Don’t let the misguided opinions of others stop you from finding a way to once again have a satisfying sex life.

There are multiple remedies being loose, among them being using vaginal tightening cream. Did you know that Asians have been using herbs to tighten their virginal walls to enhance their sexual experience?

Vagina cream has been in some parts of the world, like Asia, over the past years and the results are satisfying to some but not all.

Varginal tightening cream is made mostly from herbs which many may think are 100% safe to use on themselves. At the moment there are multiple products in the market posing as vaginal tightening creams, some of which are not in any way healthy.

Before using vaginal creams, one must first and fore most check if it has been approved by official medical bodies. For example, V-tight gel is one product that has been approved by the FDA. Take caution when purchasing these products, some may be fake.

Vaginal tightening cream has many positive effects. If the product is good it may cause vaginal tightening; strengthening vagwalls thus giving them more tone and vigor, natural lubrication, it may stimulate your sexual response, and improve yourself esteem. In some cases it may prevent bacterial and fungal infection and also gets rid of virginal odor. If properly used it can lead to good results and be a solution to the problem.

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Some negative side effects of using vaginal tight cream is that to some women it may cause allergic reactions. Some may cause complications. Some creams could also be the cause of infections if not properly used. This occurs less frequently and may at times be caused by counterfeit and substandard products. Some products causes one to be uncomfortable.

If one experiences such side effects, she should stop using the product and if they persist she should visit a qualified medical doctor. There is some belief that if the cream comes in to contact with a penis, the penis will shrink. Take care of your man :p (*this is a joke by the way…. your man’s penis will NOT shrink)

Something to be careful of — you should not apply it during menstruation or when you have an infection.

Learn more here. 

Do Vagina Tightening Creams Really Work?

The question on many women’s mind is ‘Do vigina tight creams really work?’ There is no easy way to answer this because it can either be a yes or no. Many women can attest to having a loose vag especially after going through childbirth. However, there are a few who have a naturally loose vag without any issues.

Many mothers reveal that having a child is the best thing that ever happened to them. As a matter of fact, they wouldn’t trade that for anything. However, with a completely loose vigina after birth, there are a few mothers who can develop both physical and emotional problems.

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Many women can attest to having a loose virgina especially after going through childbirth. Many mothers reveal that having a child is the best thing that ever happened to them. With a completely loose vagina after birth, there are a few mothers who can develop both physical and emotional problems.

Many ladies notice the change in their vagina after birth or as they get older. Whether it’s less tight or loss of feeling or irregular shape, most women always feel different once the issue occurs. For most people, a loose vag results in low sex drive and the intercourse might become boring for the partner. A woman with a loose pussy will start experiencing an emotional turmoil.

What’s going on in a woman’s mind is the fact that if the partner is not getting satisfied in bed, the partner might seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere. However, before you dive into a deep sea of worry, you should consider other solutions such as pussy tightening creams.|Many ladies notice the change in their vagina after birth or as they get older. A woman with a loose vag will start experiencing an emotional turmoil. Before you dive into a deep sea of worry, you should consider other solutions such as vaginal shrinking creams.

Many people prefer to use vaginal tightening creams because it’s less invasive than other solutions in the market. However, despite the reviews and testimonials from people who have used them, there is no guarantee that they actually work. Remember, vaginas are shaped differently and as such it’s difficult to determine whether a specific cream actually works or not. Therefore, you have the choice of using the creams for a trial period and if they don’t tighten your vag you can try out any of the remaining methods outlined below.|Remember, each pussy is shaped differently and as such it’s difficult to determine whether a specific cream actually works or not.

You have the choice of using the creams for a trial period and if they don’t tighten your vagina you can try out any of the remaining methods outlined below.

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In the search for the best vag squeezing procedure, women have gone through different procedures. Despite the fact that most of these procedures are quite invasive, most women assume that having a tight vigina is better than losing a partner to another woman. Therefore, if you find that vaginal tightening creams don’t work, here are some other suggestions you should definitely check out. Remember, before trying out these procedures, it’s important to consult a medical professional, most especially a gynecologist.|Despite the fact that most of these procedures are quite invasive, most women assume that having a tight vag is better than losing a partner to another woman.

If you find that virginal creams don’t work, here are some other suggestions you should definitely check out.

Vagina Rejuvenation Surgery | Vaginoplasty

This medical procedure is also referred to as vaginoplasty. Doctors simply operate on a vagina to make the muscles tighter and improve the overall feeling. There are many people who have reported this surgical procedure to be successful. However, for a few, the procedure didn’t produce the best results. There are a few women who claim that as a result of the procedure, they lost any feeling in their vigina. Sadly, the procedure is not a permanent solution. This is because with continued sexual activity, the muscles will loosen.|Doctors simply operate on a pussy to make the muscles tighter and improve the overall feeling. For a few, the procedure didn’t produce the best results. There are a few women who claim that as a result of the procedure, they lost any feeling in their vagina.

This is because with continued sexual activity, the muscles will loosen.
Even worse, the procedure is also costly. However, the success rate of a virginal rejuvenation procedure highly depends on the type of doctor you choose. Therefore, if you want the best results, you should definitely do this procedure as the last resort. Even so, you should take into consideration other factors such as the experience of the doctor and also your budget. If you’re allergic to anesthesia or any types of medication used during this medical procedure, you should stay away from it.|The success rate of a vaginal rejuvenation procedure highly depends on the type of doctor you choose. If you want the best results, you should definitely do this procedure as the last resort.

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Kegel Exercises

Before jumping right into the invasive procedures, it’s important to try out less invasive ones such as kegel exercises. There are also many physicians who recommend these exercises with vag tightening creams for the best results. Kegels basically involve relaxing and contracting the vaginal muscles a few times every day. It’s not a complicated procedure and the privacy is astounding. You can even do kegels in the middle of a large family gathering and no one would know you’re doing it. Even better, they are free. So if you want your vagina to tighten at no expense, this is definitely the best way to do it.|There are also many physicians who recommend these exercises with vaginalcreams for the best results. Kegels basically involve relaxing and contracting the vaginal muscles a few times every day. If you want your vagina to tighten at no expense, this is definitely the best way to do it.

There are a few people who might not get the best results with kegels. However, the success rate of these exercises depends on how regularly you do them. Therefore, if you want to tighten your vagina faster, do them as frequently as possible and enjoy the sexual pleasure that comes with it.

Vaginal Tightening Creams And Gel

If you’re a little afraid of going under the knife or don’t have the time to do kegels, you can always choose vaginal tightening creams or gels. Most of these creams are made from natural ingredients so they are safe for use. Some of the benefits of using these creams or gels to tighten your vagina include the following:

  • Tightening of the vagina which may differ according to different people
  • Increased libido since the creams increase the feeling in the vaginal walls and muscles by making them tighter.
  • Amazing orgasms because of the tightened muscles
  • Quicker stimulation during sex
  • Quicker lubrication which reduces any side effects of dry vaginal walls such as wounds or cuts.
  • In some cases, these creams and gels may have permanent tightened vag results depending on how long they are vagina tightening

Besides these benefits, they are also advantageous because they are manufactured using natural ingredients therefore there are no side effects. However, before using any of the creams, you should consult a medical professional in case you’re allergic to any of the natural ingredients.

Most of the women who have had positive results with using cream or gels have reported that their sex life turned around pretty quickly. Even better, most women start looking forward to sex and the desire to satisfy their partners in bed. Some women have also reported that the gels have helped curb other vaginal issues such as yeast infection, vaginal orders or vaginal dryness which can be quite uncomfortable during sex.

So, what’s the best vaginal gel for making your vigina tight?

After doing lots and lots of research, we have identified that the best product in the market currently is the V-tight gel. The product has been receiving more positive reviews than many other products in the market. Many people looking for vaginal tightcreams are usually looking for a permanent solution. Therefore, if you’re looking for that, you should frequently use the cream for the best results.|Many people looking for vaginal tightening creams are usually looking for a permanent solution. If you’re looking for that, you should frequently use the cream for the best results.


Other Options

There are other options in the market that you could try out besides surgery, exercises or creams. Most people try out pills for making your pussy tighter but these are best for people looking for a quick fix. However, before jumping right into it, you should know that the reviews are not completely positive.

Every woman is in search of the best way to make the vagina tight. Mothers who have undergone strenuous births are always worried about satisfying their partners. The emotional turmoil can be surreal and stressful especially when a person starts worrying about the partner’s infidelity. With so many options in the market currently, the decision can be quite difficult for everyone. However, with the right advice, you can find the best option for your vaginal issues. However, before choosing any method, it’s important to consult a qualified gynecologist.

Also, you should do lots of research before choosing the right option for you. Every woman is in search of the best way to make the vagina tight. With so many options in the market currently, the decision can be quite difficult for everyone. With the right advice, you can find the best option for your vaginal issues.

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How Much Is V-Tight Gel And Other Tightening Products?

Close of an attractive senior couple smiling together

Did you know that V tight gel and kegel exercises are the most effective natural ways to make your vagina tighter other than going for surgery or drugs?

Your vagina can become loose for various reasons including childbirth, natural aging, menopause and hormonal changes. This may affect one’s confidence during sex.

A healthy sex life is very important in maintaining a health romantic relationship. Anything that inhibits your enjoyment of sex can put a wedge between you and your partner which can lead to stress and problems keeping your relationship together. If you are having problems caused by feeling loose, there are things that you can do about it to get your sex life going again.

Below are ways to make your vagina tighter for the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

1. V tight gel

This cream contains natural ingredients which tighten the skin and restores elasticity. It is designed to lubricate and tighten the vaginal walls. You use it by applying it in your vaginal area with your fingers.You will get a slight tingly sensation when you use it as it starts working after a few minutes. I’ve tried it out and you can ready my real-user V-tight Gel review here.

Pros and cons of V tight gel

It restores sexual pleasure and increases vaginal lubrication, in effect eliminating vaginal dryness in addition to contracting and reshaping the vaginal wall. It also prevents bad bacteria growth. Additionally, it is cheaper compared to other alternatives, simple to use, has no bad scent, has low risk for allergies and its purchase involves free trial offer and money back guarantee. If dissatisfied with results, you can get a refund.

Most importantly, this gel works effectively in just a few minutes after using it as you will feel tighter and aroused. Unfortunately, its effects are temporary and it is not effective in extreme cases. It is also only available online if you want to buy it.

How much is V-tight gel?

You can purchase it from the official website at $39 per container though the more packages you buy, the lesser you pay. So bulk orders get a great discount.

They also offer a money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, so ordering more to get the discount is still risk free.

If you order a package deal, you can get offer discounts and free tubes. The purchase involves additional options, that is, v tight exercises program and tips on clean living.

With products like this, you’ll definitely want to order directly from the manufacturer at

2. Kegel exercises

This is the most popular way to naturally tighten your vagina. It is executed by squeezing your internal pelvic mass.

It makes strength of involuntary contraction interesting during sex and gives one a great sensation at any speed of penile penetration. It is effective in helping one achieve more organisms and enjoy sex. To conduct these exercises, you need to empty your bladder before exercise, find a comfortable position and find your pelvic muscles.

You are then required to squeeze and release the muscles for a few minutes, a couple of times in a day. If done regularly, expect results in a few months. You can learn more about kegel exercises here.

How Vaginal Tightening Soap Is Helping Women Feel Sexier

vaginal tightening soap

The vagina is viewed as the most important female asset. Women pride themselves on the beauty of their vagina’s. However due to various reasons such as child birth,hormonal imbalance,aging or excess body weight can go through some very drastic changes.

The vagina can loose its tightness making its diameter large and very loose.

This effect can also be seen on the surrounding organs where they will appear to be sagging.

When you feel that you’ve lost your youthful elasticity and tightness, you sex life can suffer which can lead to major problems in your romantic life. Your sexual gratification can suffer greatly as it can feel as though your partner isn’t able to please you the way they once were which can cause a major strain on the relationship. You can lose intimacy and start to drift apart. A healthy sex life relies on healthy sex organs.

Did you know women who have loose vagina’s are reported to have very high depression levels as well as a significant number of suicidal thoughts. This just goes to show how much of an issue this can be to women.

The good news is that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Vaginal tightening has become a new fad and so many inventions have come up to help create a nice tight vagina.

Most females are really shy of going under the knife and too impatient to try natural remedies. Vaginal tightening products have therefore become very popular.

One of the most common remedies is vaginal tightening soap.

The vaginal tightening soap is wonderful in that it is cheap, efficient and convenient. It also comes with other benefits such as preventing vaginal infection and removing odor. Vaginal tightening soaps come in two major forms as a soap bar or as a liquid feminine wash.

Both this products contain ingredients that are specially formulated to keep the vagina tight, toned and within natural well balanced PH levels.Most women are afraid of irritation but this does not happen instead the vagina becomes incredibly clean.

The tightening is often done to the external vaginal skin , as the vaginal tightening soaps do not in any way act on the internal parts of the vagina.

It is recommended that kegels should be done together with the use vaginal tightening soaps to produce maximum benefits in the shortest time possible.

This helps to completely delay the vaginal aging process as well as to encourage vaginal lubrication.

Lack of vaginal lubrication can sometimes in a way cause for the vaginal muscles to get loose quicker due to the rough levels of friction achieved.

4 Home Remedies For Natural Vagina Tightening


A cause of great anxiety in many women is how their body changes after childbirth or as they age. Specifically, many women can feel as though their vagina doesn’t feel as it did when they were younger which can affect how they feel about sexual relationships. It can also be a cause of great embarrassment with a lot of women receiving poor information about the issue.

There are many reasons for diminished elasticity of a vagina, the most common ones being aging, chemical and hormonal changes, and giving birth. But it’s not exactly vagina that is loose – it’s the pelvic floor muscles that surround both the vagina and the vaginal wall muscle.

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And, like any other muscle, they can tighten up. There are all kinds of natural tightening methods – some women swear by using vinegar to tighten your vagina by mixing vinegar and water and spraying it in your vag as a natural douche. Now some women don’t want to put vinegar in their vigina so they would rather use natural tightening methods that don’t use vinegar. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular methods.

Here are 4 natural and effective home remedies for tightening your vagina naturally


1. Kegel Exercises are a proven DIY Home Tightening Method that work over time

Kegel exercises are your vagina’s best friends. First you need to identify your pelvic floor muscles and to do that you should try to stop urinating in the midstream and hold it in for 2 seconds.

Those are the same muscles that you will work on and that’s the same move you will be doing – minus the urinating part.

Do this a couple of times a day and work your way up to 150-200 per day, squeezing and relaxing alternately for a few seconds. The best part is that you can incorporate them in your everyday activities and do them anywhere and anytime – watching a movie, waiting in line or even at your desk.

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2. Geisha Balls Squeeze Back Your Vagina’s Natural Elasticity

Geisha balls, also known as Pleasure balls, present yet another simple and effective solution. They have being around for ages but became mainstream thanks to their appearance in Fifty Shades of Gray.

And here’s how to use them: first, empty your bladder, that makes it easier to hold them in. Second, lift one leg up, insert one ball at the time and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles.

Try wearing them for a few hours every day and when you’re on the move the balls are stimulating, which strengthens your muscles and also feels amazing.

3. The Big O Is The Funnest At Home Method For Vag Tightening

The most fun way to tighten up a looser vagina is to have an orgasm, whether it be with your partner or by yourself. Every time you orgasm your pelvic floor muscles are contracting and that’s what strengthens them. And that way you can intensify and even prolong your orgasms!

A bonus tip – when he’s close to climaxing try squeezing and relaxing your pelvic muscles for a second or two – it will make things more pleasurable for him.

Did you know that some women can masturbate and have orgasms without the use of their hands? Yup, you read it right, they managed to perfect contracting their pelvic floor muscles!

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4.) A Natural Tightening Cream and Exercise Program

V-Tight Gel Home Remedy For Increasing Vaginal Elasticity

If you’re looking for a tightening product that is all natural and works just as well as vaginal rejuvenation surgery — check out V-Tight gel. I talk more about this DIY home remedy here in my customer review page.

Tightening your vagina can help deepen the pleasure for you and your partner. And with these no-fuss ways to do it, there’s no more excuse not to!

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2 Ways to Naturally Tighten A Loose Vagina

tighten your loose vagina

Why Tighten a Loose Vagina?

One issue that many women are concerned about but are too shy to tell anyone is vagina loosening. It is a topic you cannot openly hear among women out of embarrassment. Truth is, there is nothing to be ashamed in discussing it because it is a natural thing. Contrary to what many people believe, vagina loosening is not caused by having sex. The loosening of the vagina can be caused by a number of factors such as menopause and giving birth to a child.

Some may question the significance of tightening a loose vagina or why does it even matter to anyone. A loose vagina may not sound like a big deal because as mentioned, not too many women speak about it. The issue is regarded as more of a private matter for an individual. However, vagina loosening does affect a woman’s self-esteem. For women, it’s important to take care of the vagina by keeping it clean, fresh, and beautiful. That way, a woman may feel sexier down there especially when making love with her man.

If a woman feels self conscious about herself it can adversely affect her romantic relationships. This is especially so when she feels self conscious about such an intimate area. Therefore more and more women are looking for solutions to not only improve their confidence, but also their relationships.

Natural Method VS. Plastic Surgery

Vagina Plastic Surgery

The vagina can be tightened through an invasive surgery called vaginoplasty. It doesn’t come cheap though. Just like most plastic surgeries, vaginoplasty is also pricey especially if you want to go to the best surgeons. You don’t want the surgery to make more damages, do you? Then you can’t have just “any” surgeon do the procedure. The surgeon has to be licensed and the clinic or hospital has to have great credentials, too.

Why Go Natural in Vagina Tightening?

First and foremost, going for a natural method is always advisable because it is less risky. Secondly, it is inexpensive compared to plastic surgery. Third, it works and is quite effective!

how to tighten your vag

2 Effective Natural Ways To Tighten a Loose Vagina

  1. Natural Products Like Creams – There are many natural vagina tightening creams in the market today. One popular product is the V-Tight Gel. However, it is always wise to check on buyer reviews for each product before buying them. Make use of the internet in finding v-tight gel reviews and other vagina tightening products.
  2. Exercise – Specific exercises can help tighten the vagina. The kegel exercise is one example and it’s been proven effective. The kegel exercises target the pelvic muscles that helps tighten the vagina when done continuously.

For a more effective and faster result, use v-tight gel or other products and do vaginal exercises at the same time. That being said, isn’t the natural method a healthier and more discreet option in tightening your vagina?

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Here’s The Scoop On Vaginoplasty


Considering Vaginoplasty?

Here’s What you Need To Know

Did you know that insurance plans do not cover vaginoplasty surgeries and the costs of these surgeries? This is because health insurance cover providers consider the surgeries are to be elective procedures.

However depending on your insurance plan, your insurance provider may cover part of the costs of vaginoplasty surgeries.

Vaginoplasty is a one of a kind surgical procedure that is done for purposes of tightening vaginal muscles in women. This procedure can either be done alone or together with labioplasty- a plastic surgery procedure that is done for changing the shape and size of vaginal lips, mainly for cosmetic reasons. Over the years, there has been a growing demand of these surgical procedures as most women are working towards improving their sex lives.

As women start to see the signs of aging, many are looking to turn back the clock. While women can go to the gym to get their youthful figure back, some feel that there is one area that they cannot improve through exercise and thus turn to these kinds of procedures.

However, gynecologists allover the world have in the recent years started to voice their concerns on the need for these procedures especially because most women do not consider the risks involved in the procedures.

Factors that you should consider when deciding whether or not you should undergo these procedures include:

Consult a gynecologist before getting vaginoplasty

This should be the first thing you do when you are looking forward to have a vaginoplasty procedure done to your vagina. The gynecologist will examine the condition of your vaginal walls and tell you whether or not this surgical procedure is right for you.

This is because there are instances when a woman’s vaginal condition does not necessarily require her to undergo this surgical procedure. The gynecologist should examine important aspects such as the condition of your vaginal walls, vaginal muscles and bladder.

Once the gynecologist finds out that these vaginal parts require vaginoplasty to be restored, you can then consider undergoing the surgery.

If you are not a good fit for this reconstructive surgery, your gynecologist may recommend a less invasive solution – such as these natural tightening options here

Know the implications of vaginoplasty to your sex life

Vaginoplasty surgeries can help change your sex life from boring to super amazing. This is because if vaginal muscles are weak, then it becomes hard for women to achieve organism during sex. However with this surgical procedure , vaginal muscles are tightened and as such they are able to contract more efficiently.

This not only enables women to achieve organism easily but also enhances sexual satisfaction.

Consider future reproduction

Unless you are facing a very serious medical condition that can only be corrected through vaginoplasty, then you should not undergo this surgical procedure if you are planning to have kids in the future. This is because the surgical procedure can have various negative implications during childbirth. At times, it can even make childbirth to be a life threatening experience.

This is why you need to be very careful before making this all important decision as it can at times put your life at great risk. If you have any concerns, speak to your doctor or try a more natural solution such as herbal remedies or tightening creams.

If you are married, then you need to talk to your partner/ spouse undergoing vaginoplasty especially if your need for this surgery is driven by sexual concerns and related issues.

Your partner may have reservations about having to undergo the procedure and therefore it is important that you only go ahead with the procedure if your partner has consented to your decision.

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Kegel Balls: What Are They And How Do I Use Them To Tighten My Vagina?

kegel balls

What Are Kegel Balls And How Do I Use Them To Tighten A Loose Vagina?

Did you know that there’s a perfect method that you can always incorporate to experience better orgasms, rejuvenate your vagina, and have better and healthier systems naturally?

Many women feel self conscious about their body and in particular about their vagina as they age or after they have a baby. They can be unsure about what they can do to restore their body to their younger days and start feeling confident again. The good news is, that there is a way.

Apparently, you can utilize certain vaginal fitness to credibly train your pelvic floor muscles comfortably. The kegel balls have been consistently tested and proven to be useful in achieving the ultimate results.

Using kegal balls appropriately helps you when it comes to strengthening the muscles of your vagina, hence enhancing overall sexual performance. In addition, when present in your vagina, these pelvic balls consistently massage your vaginal walls. This feeling has been associated with a certain intense sexual arousal.

What are kegel balls?

Also known as ben wa balls, kegal balls are certain types of tools that you can always use to strengthen your pelvic muscle floors. Their effects goes beyond jiggly orgasmic feelings, and they are absolutely a minimal effort exerciser.

These balls facilitate the kind of exercise that surely helps you gain incredible performance in bedroom, among several other handy benefits.

benefits of kegal ball exercises for women

How to use kegel balls effectively to tighten a stretched vagina

There are several steps that you must follow in order to use the balls in a very convenient and appropriate way. Follow the following steps carefully while using ben wa balls.

Step 1. First, empty the bladder before inserting the balls in your vagina

Step 2. Insert the balls carefully one at a time.

You can use lubrication on them so as to help in guiding them into the vagina. If you’ve any trouble inserting them, try lifting one leg up or lie down so that the ball can get perfect penetration.

Step 3. Gently squeeze the muscles of your legs and your PC muscles.

This will work to help hold the ball tightly in your vagina. Expect to get a feeling of fullness and something penetrating down the vagina, but you’ll certainly get used to the feeling in a little while.

Step 4. Hold the balls in your vagina for at least 15 minutes.

This should be done at least once in a day so that your PC muscles can be effectively strengthened. For a better experience, you can hold the balls for a hour or so.

Step 5. If the balls fall out, make sure that you properly wash them.

Do this by using clean water and a soap, then insert them back inside again.

Step 6. Once you’re through with the balls, you can remove them from your vagina in a number of ways.

For example, you can rigorously jump up and down, sneeze, cough, or sit in a position of having bowel movement.

What are the benefits of kegel exercises?

Health care experts recommend kegal exercises for a number of reasons. Strengthening the kegel muscles helps in a number of ways. For instance:

  • It helps treat vaginal prolapse
  • It helps prevent urinary incontinence
  • Enhance the sensations, hence causing intense sexual arousal
  • Increases vaginal elasticity
  • Repairs a stretched vagina
  • Helps in reaching orgasms easily and without much hassles
  • Increases the positive results of vaginal tightening creams
  • Helps in enhancing sexual pleasure and general sexual drive
  • It speeds up the vaginal recovery post-pregnancy, and lastly
  • It helps treat certain inflammations in the prostate glands.

In conclusion, do not confine your kegel exercises to pre-coital activities only.

You can as well try them while having sex, then see how that feels.

Great. Isn’t it? Apparently, it’s a very great way to spice up one’s genital repertoire.

From a tightening, pulsating vagina, to a stronger and harder erection, kegel ball exercises might be just what you need to heighten your sexual experience.

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Hymenoplasty 101: What You Need To Know


In the last few years, an increasing number of women have been seeking hymenoplasty (or sometimes known as HymenoVaginoplasty)

Hymenoplasty is the surgical reconstruction of the hymen.

During the procedure, the hymen is reconstructed so as to appear as it did before it was torn. Then, when the woman next has sex it will tear or bleed, thus giving the appearance that this was her first sexual encounter. Many women choose this procedure so that they can have a traditional wedding night.

Did you know that many cultures still consider the hymen an important factor in a newly wed bride as it signifies virginity?

The hymen is still considered a symbol of virginity in some cultures and religions. As such, the woman’s future literally hangs by the membrane. Due to such cultural and religious pressure, a lot of women seek out the procedure to avoid punishment for having a torn hymen.

This procedure has been known to prevent a damaged reputation and harm to a woman in such a culture.

Did you know that in ancient times, the hymen was used to ensure paternity of children?

The hymen would assure the groom that any children born henceforth would be his since the bride had no prior sexual experiences. The hymen would determine a family’s honor. If a woman was found not to bleed during the wedding night, she would be considered a disgrace and this would be considered grounds for divorce.

The hymen tears due to other reasons other than sexual intercourse?

A woman’s hymen can tear due to playing a port, vigorous exercise or when inserting a tampon.

Did you know that you can have your hymen very easily repaired with little risk of side effects?

The procedure is not invasive as the hymen is located one to two centimeters inside the vagina and not deep inside the vagina. The procedure takes thirty to forty minutes.

You will be advised on how to take care after the procedure to ensure there are no infections.

Currently there are no statistics on the number of women who perform HymenoVaginoplasty

This is because it is a private procedure that takes about 30 minutes. It is performed privately and you do not need permission from parents or any other person.

Fact: Some women are born without a hymen?

The fact that a woman does not bleed during first sexual intercourse does not mean that she had sex prior. Some women are born without a hymen. Women born without a hymen can still benefit from hymenoplasty as it is a safe procedure that takes about thirty minutes.

Having a hymen or lacking a hymen does not affect your overall general or sexual health?

There are no health risks associated with having or lacking a hymen. Some women undergo hymenoplasty as part of the healing process after rape or sexual abuse as a way of restoring something that was taken from them

Other women who undergo hymenoplasty simply want to give their partners a unique gift!

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