Best Pregnancy Workout Exercises You Can Start Quickly

Leading up to giving birth a pregnant woman’s body has an intense focus on taking care of the fetus and providing the best nutrition, protection, and environment it possibly can. However, just as soon as the new infant is born, a woman’s body takes a U-turn and needs to change a lot of things. The hormones that flowed to help the baby grow and thrive are now gone while others have taken their place to produce milk. The extra fat that she put on around the middle was for the protection of the fetus and as a backup food supply in case of famine. Now, the new mother wants to get back into shape, wear her original clothes and start doing all the things she couldn’t do when she was pregnant. She needs a great post pregnancy workout.

Many Women Are Restricted In Movements While Pregnant

While doctors encourage women to walk and continue their daily routines even when pregnant, it’s just not possible. It’s difficult to move about, and some women get preeclampsia and are told not to. Immediately the body starts putting on extra pounds and it’s not recommended to diet while pregnant so the muscles atrophy and the pounds add up.

Once the baby is born, however, it’s a perfect time to start a new weight loss and fitness program. The body is no longer carrying the fetus and all the extras included, plus getting exercise is the perfect way to combat postpartum depression naturally. When a person is exercising, hormones are released that uplift the mood and create a positive attitude. Plus, there’s nothing like knowing that you’ve made progress on losing weight and getting in shape to help your attitude as well.

The Very Best Thing To Start Immediately Is Walking

As soon as your doctor permits it, you should start walking, slowly at first, then faster and farther as you feel better.

Walking is very easy on the joints, and burns fat, slowly but surely, a little at a time.

After the doctor’s OK, women should walk for about 20 minutes twice per day, then increase that to 30 minutes twice per day as soon as possible. When this amount of exercise is added to breastfeeding the baby, the pounds will start to melt away quickly.

There’s nothing like quick success in a fitness program to boost the positive feelings that will help keep a person on track. If at all possible, you should also join a yoga class to keep things light and low impact, but also, yoga includes lots of stretching that will help get the muscles back in shape around the mid-section where they’ve been pulled far out of proportion during the pregnancy.

When beginning your exercising routines it’s important to listen to your body. If you start to feel dizzy, out of breath, or just too tired, take the time to rest, then get back up when you feel able. There are nice parks in many cities that have benches to sit on every several hundred feet, those are just perfect.

If you’re wondering when to get started, you can almost always walk, even if just a few yards, then rest, and start again. Another alternative is to read our v-tight review here.

The local shopping mall might even be better since the benches are closer together. Early in the morning, there are usually other “mall walkers” doing exactly the same thing. You might even get some of the women from your Lamaze classes that have also given birth to meet you there as well.