My personal v-tight gel reviews: Jess Sartore

By Guest Blogger Jess Sartore


Please excuse my English – it’s my second language. 🙂
I want to share my experience with V-tight gel t help other women like me. 🙂

Do not ever think of buying the V-tight gel before reading my opinions and know my personal experience.

If your health and confidence are affected by the problems associated with a flaccid vagina, probably you have already searched for information on a lot of methods and products for vaginal rejuvenation.

In my case, I wanted the security of a natural method to help rejuvenate my vagina quickly and with lasting results.

At first I was intimidated as there are a lot of contrasting opinions both on the internet and among my friends. Even some of my closest friends had very old fashioned ideas about the kind of woman that would need something like this, but the more I looked, the more I realized that it is perfectly natural.

To find it, I researched on the subject and read a bunch of reviews for V-tight gel before deciding to try the product. So, we’re getting to the heart of the matter. The important question is: V-tight work?

I want to tell you my personal experience with V-tight and therefore give you know what I like and what I dislike

So does V-tight Really Work? – My experience

After living the wonderful experience of giving birth to my first child, I experienced what happens to many women after childbirth, the vaginal stretching.

I did not feel sexy, nor felt comfortable when enjoying the intimacy of the bedroom with my husband. Of course, he said nothing, but I wanted to feel different to make the two could enjoy more of our bodies.

After spending months and months doing Google searches like: “How I can rejuvenate my vagina naturally? “Or” Why is my vagina so wide? “I needed to find a solution.

I tried a lot of vaginal rejuvenation treatments that worked to some extent.

I was tired of being ashamed because of my flabby vagina.

After reading several reviews on tight V-gel, I decided to try it for myself and see if it really worked.

So, here I will report my real experience with V-tight and my opinion about the cream after finishing a tube product.

What I like?

I enjoyed the free trial offer and commitment of refund. This is what, at first, motivated me to try the product without fear to be wasting money if it did not work.

The money back guarantee is a great advantage when it comes to trying new things, so there is nothing to lose. If you do not stay satisfied your money back and nothing has happened here.

But what I really liked, and much, is that soon after applying the product began to notice its effect. In a few minutes I started to feel like my vagina contracted and, curiously, I was also excited. Fortunately, the product indicates that you can have sex a few minutes of applying the cream relations.

When he wanted to have sex, only he had to use the cream a few minutes before. So I knew that, eventually, I feel sexy and rejuvenated inside.

Another thing I liked is that additional possibilities with the product as Kegel exercise program of V-tight and tips for healthy life choices.

They also offer discounts and free tubes if a pack of the product is purchased.

What I did not like?

One of the things I liked least is that the product is only sold online. But the fact is that since it was embarrassed by the issue of my flaccid vagina, understand that most women seek to buy such products privately.

I know big sellers such as Amazon sometimes indicate the contents of the package in the box and that sometimes can be a bit embarrassing.

Fortunately, when I applied the tight V-gel directly from the manufacturer, he came home in a discreet box standard type.

Another thing that sometimes I do not like is that after having sex, I’m not as toned as ever. After a few hours I start to feel a slight vaginal widening. But then I discovered that the reapply the gel V-tight all works again as the first time, and if the exercise program follows a long-term outcome is achieved.

Conclusions – tight V-gel work?

In my opinion, it is better if you can avoid going through vaginal surgery, vaginoplasty. I was looking for a natural remedy that did not involve surgery and V-tight exceeded all my expectations. The money-back commitment was what gave me the initial push to dare to try.

Thanks to that decision, I felt like my vagina rejuvenated while my sex became more enjoyable. Even my partner told me that the closer I noticed since I started using the cream (which sounded weird but it made me feel good).

My recommendation is to give it a chance, if you do not like you can just ask for the money back and ready.

Another recommendation that I make is to buy V-tight directly from the manufacturer. Then I explained the reason for my advice.

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how to tighten your vag


Vaginal tightening with the V-Tight Gel option:  by Jess Sartore

Note: Please excuse my English as it is my second language. 🙂
If you’d like to read this article in Spanish (my native language) then please click here

V-tight Gel is a natural cream that works in tightening of the vagina.  It helps women, such as loss of elasticity due to childbirth, hormonal changes, or aging of the vagina to tighten and narrow again. Be closer than ever, the best part is, naturally, without surgery or drugs.

The active ingredient V-Gel is the Manjakani Tight extract, which has now been rediscovered after centuries women have used in Eastern cultures Manjakani to restore your vaginal tightness.

The advantages of this tightening cream at a glance:

Firm and tighten the vagina based on organic natural herbs help restore the elasticity of the vagina, permanently shrink and reshape the virginal walls.

Increase sexual intimacy and pleasure, help get rejuvenated and reach orgasms more often
Help eliminate the vaginal dryness and unpleasant odor, restore lubrication.

The verification of compliance with the FDA. All Natural, No side effect 100% secure.

One of the most common causes of over-stretching and sagging of the vagina are serious birth or many. Another cause is age.There are many factors that can lead to loosening of the vaginal wall.

You’re not sure if her vagina relaxes, too far, is not tight enough?

How do you know if you need to tighten your vagina?
– You can insert three fingers without much resistance in their vagina- need to achieve orgasm difficulties-You have trouble please his association Your self-esteem suffers isthe problem

The Tight-V program will help ensure that your vagina again returns to its original state. You can also drag the different feel when you’re having sex! Again.

More return orgasm during sex fun!

If you tighten and constrict her vaginal vaginal walls, your orgasms will be exponentially stronger, more intense and more satisfying. You not only have stronger orgasms, usually you have more zest for life!
If you’re one of the millions of women with a lackluster sex life, then narrowing and hardening of the walls of the vagina is a sure way to bring pleasure again to a new level.

Do not destroy your relationship because of bad sex.

Does v-tight gel work?

The cream with the extract Manjakani active ingredient is very effective.

These potent herbs make it possible to strengthen the muscles of the vaginal wall and the press, so that both muscle tone and elasticity are improved.

The formula Tight gel-V is really a powerful miracle herb and help you:

Restore vaginal tightness and tighten – Keep all body slim and tighten toned–abstraction also regulates the menstrual cycle Eliminates vaginal discharge, itching and Manjakani odors- extract has proven over centuries. Women who have just given birth to their natural strength and hardening won again.

And best of all, the extract Manjakani: – Will not irritate the skinUse is completely safe with condoms – Contains no harmful ingredients or additives

Let Manjakani work for you. Get your self-esteem back!

Tight Gel-V is now available in Spain and can be supplied without any problems on the official product page for Spain.

Get yours today!

Click here to see the official website!

V-Tight Gel: Is It Any Good?

Hey girl, have you been browsing online lately and have come to the realization that a loose vagina is a thing? You may not have paid attention to the idea before, but now it’s got in your mind. You’ve checked the symptoms and have found that you may indeed have loose vaginal muscles.

Before you freak out, there is nothing to be worried about. First of all, while there are some occasions where it is very noticeable, other times, your partner may not even know. Second of all, this is not your fault.
Whether because of age or from becoming a mother (by delivering naturally), a loose vagina is not something you should be ashamed of.  It’s a big, fat myth that women with loose vaginas are as loose as their vaginal walls. This is definitely not something that you want to pay attention to. Perhaps the men saying it are in fact a bit too small.

The only reason that you should want to make it tighter once again is so that you can enjoy yourself. A natural way to remedy your problem is to use something known as V-tight Gel. Have you ever read any V tight gel reviews or is this a product that you’ve never heard of?

Could You Explain It Further?

This name, “V-tight Gel” may seem like the oddest thing that you have ever heard. What in the world is it and is it real? Yes! V-tight gel was designed for women who want to get a tighter vagina without having to resort to more expensive alternative.

It is made from special ingredients that contain properties which will help you get the tightening results that you want for your vagina. The product comes in a tube that is big enough to provide you with plenty of gel yet small enough to carry in your luggage with you. It’s subtle enough to fit into a side pocket or hide under your clothes, so you don’t find yourself embarrassed in the airport. Its exterior doesn’t scream “vagina,” which can help you to carry it in your luggage without shame.

You’ll want to use it whenever and wherever the mood strikes, so the fact that it is travel-friendly is an attractive feature. It would shame to limit your progress of tightening your vagina due to being embarrassed about carrying it with you on trips.

For women who can’t stand using fragranced products, you’ll appreciate that it doesn’t have an odor. You can easily use it without wanting to throw up from the smell. Plus, who wants to be using creams or gels with an unpleasant odor in that area.

It has a smooth texture that doesn’t feel glob-like as a hair gel does. Because its designed for your vagina use, its easy to spread around and apply.

If you want your vagina to get back to what it once was, to the tight muscles that you once have, a gel like this is a great idea. Before you jump to buy it, it’s always best to read up on a product before purchase to be sure that it’s right for you.

What Ingredients Does It Contain?

Witch HazelEveryone knows that the vagina is a sensitive area, but sometimes it would seem like you have to tell that to vagina product manufacturers. Fortunately, the V-tight gel has actually been designed with the vagina’s sensitivity in mind.

The V-tight Gel actually contains natural ingredients that will help to provide you with the results that you want without harming your lady parts. Some of the ingredients found in this gel are witch hazel, citric acid, manjakani, and arginine.

Manjakani is often used for curing sicknesses in Asia and has healing properties that will help your vaginal wall. Witch hazel has always been used as a substance to help decrease inflammation and curing injuries. It works wonders in combination with the other ingredients in this gel. Another very important ingredient found in the gel is citric acid. This ingredient helps to keep your vagina healthy and balanced.

How Does It Take Effect?

The gel isn’t a one-day, miracle worker. For it to take effect, you will want to use it daily. With continuous use and patience, you will see a difference. You will go from having a floppy vaginal wall to a tighter one, but you do want to make sure to use the gel as you would any important beauty product.

Tips For Application

The V-tight Gel isn’t hard to use. In fact, it’s very simple and straightforward. You should apply it just as you would any cream or gel. To make sure that you do it right, follow these simple instructions:

  • Make sure that your hands are clean. No one wants to touch their lady area with dirty hands.
  • Squeeze a tad bit on the tip of the finger. You don’t need too much, just enough to spread evenly around your vagina.
  • Spread it all around the opening and a bit inside the walls of your vagina. You don’t have to go too far in. You just want to make sure that its covered enough in the entryway.
  • Go ahead and spend time massaging the gel in your vaginal area. You want to make sure that the ingredients do their job. Massaging will help to make sure that you’ve covered everywhere that you need to.
  • As much as you may be impatient to get down to the act with your partner, be patient. You shouldn’t do the deed until at least 10 minutes after. Don’t wait too long either, as you want to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

The gel is easy to apply. While some may think that gel is bulky and sticky, the V-tight gel is actually smooth enough to be spread gently. You don’t have to squeeze too much for each application, which helps to make the product go far. You should make sure to apply it faithfully for up to a month, but if you have the stamina, should certainly try for longer.

Why Many Consider V-Tight Gel The Way To Go

It could be that until today you hadn’t even considered needing to use this type of gel. Before you fret about it, don’t stress about it. It’s no big deal and using gel is definitely one of the easiest and most affordable ways to go about it.

There are many women who consider V-tight gel to be an easy way to become tight again. The following are just a few of the positives you’ll find when using this type of product:

  • It’s easy to use. You don’t have to stress about using this product. In fact, it’s just as easy as putting on any beauty cream. Simple application makes it extremely attractive for many people. Who doesn’t want a no-stress technique for a tighter vagina?
  • It won’t cost you that much. While surgery and laser tightening may seem to be quick fixes, they cost much more than many people can afford. If you aren’t willing to spend so much on a tight vagina, the V-tight gel is relatively inexpensive.
  • It’s safe to apply in the private area. It’s safe to use down there. You don’t have to worry about harming yourself. Because it uses natural ingredients there are no V tight gel side effects, so it’s an easy, stress-free product to use.
  • How long does V Tight gel last? While it does take time for it to work long term, the V gel is meant to provide you with long lasting results. You will eventually become as tight as you want to be, after using it for about a month or more.
  • It has natural ingredients. You can trust that you are using the best for your vagina, as the V-tight Gel is made from safe, natural ingredients.
  • There is no need for recovery time. You don’t have to worry about canceling plans because you’re recovering from surgery. With this product, you can live your daily life as you always have.
  • You don’t have to commit to doing boring Kegel exercises every day. Even if you aren’t planning on surgery, but want to do Kegel exercises, this gel may still be best. It’s much easier to apply in a jiffy than having to spend time on Kegel exercises.

Will It Be The Best For You?

Before you jump on purchasing this product, you want to consider the following:

  • Are you ready for a long-term commitment to this gel? Its going to take time and effort for this gel to work. It may even take more than a month or so for you to get long-term results. If you’re ready for this kind of commitment, it could be a good idea.
  • Do you have issues with stress incontinence and leakage after childbirth? If you have found that you have many issues with stress incontinence and leakage at the most embarrassing moments, it could be from loose vaginal walls after delivery. In this case, you may need to see a doctor to determine if you need surgery to fix the issue.
  • Is bladder prolapse something that you struggle with? Bladder prolapse isn’t something that you’ll be able to fix with this gel. Surgery may be the one way that you can get healthy again and have the tighter vagina that you used to have.
  • Is it safe for your body? While the V-tight gel ingredients are safe and natural, you’ll want to read them before use. Your body may be allergic to a specific ingredient. While this is rarely the case, you want to make sure.
  • Does a tighter vagina actually matter to you and your partner? While you may have a slightly loose vagina, it may not even be that big of a deal for you. If you and your partner have been happy this far with your sex lives, why try to change anything? Kegel exercises could be a free fix, if you do want to give vaginal tightening a shot.
  • Do you want to feel more confident in the bedroom? Childbirth certainly takes a toll on people’s bodies. Perhaps you feel sluggish and less attractive than before. Using this product can help you to get back your confidence with your partner, especially if you’ve noticed a decrease in sexual pleasure for the both of you.

Where To Buy It?

You don’t have to worry about exploring the aisles of the grocery store in search of a vaginal tightening product. This gel is available online and arrives in a subtly titled package, so that no one but you has to know what you’re getting. Nosy neighbors are all around us and who wants the whole block knowing that you are getting your vagina tighter.

It is available in 3 different options. You can order a package that will last for five months, or one for one month, or if you want to give it a few months to take effect, a package for 3 months. One tub typically lasts for a few weeks or more, so its up to you and your desire to see long-lasting results. While a month should be enough, you can always try to use it for more time, just to be sure.


Are you ready for a change in your sex life? Do you want to see a difference in your vagina? This product is designed for safe use and promises some results. Most people see a difference within about 10 minutes of using it. While these results are temporary, they can definitely aid you in having a better sexual experience with your partner. Are you ready for an improvement in your sex life? You may want to try the V-tight gel.